LifeStraw = Life Saver

lifestrawMost of us turn on the tap or grab a bottle of water to quench our thirst. We have the gift of clean water. I say gift because there are so many people in the world without the convenience of clean water.


If you think about where there is a hurricane, one of the first things that the aid society sends is clean drinking water. When place flood and the water becomes contaminated, clean water is needed to sustain life.

So LifeStraw was invented because safe drinking water should never be an issue for people.

Originally a version of it was invented by the Carter Center. They were working with UNICEF, the World Health Organizations and the US Centers for Disease to eradicate the Guinea worm disease.

The worm is a parasite that lives in stagnant water. Water that people need to survive. It is a horrible debilitating disease and there is no known cure or vaccine to prevent it.

Hence… the LifeStraw was born.

It was originally designed with what is called a Guinea cloth fiber that could filter keep out the parasites keeping the drinking water safe.

In 1986, the disease afflicted an estimated 3.5 million people a year in 21 countries in Africa and Asia. Today, thanks to the work of The Carter Center and its partners — including the countries themselves — the incidence of Guinea worm has been reduced by more than 99.99 percent to 25 cases in 2016.

The Carter Center works to eradicate Guinea worm disease in four remaining endemic countries: South Sudan, Mali, Chad, and Ethiopia. Source


In 1994 the Carter Center approached Vestergaard who built the initial pipe that has helped millions of people.

In order to reach more of the population as well as other water born diseases, they invented the personal LifeStraw pipe for the general public.

If you ask a backpacker what they have in their pack, most of them will have included a Life Straw. They have one because this simple item:

  • Removes a minimum 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria
  • Removes a minimum 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites
  • Filters up to 1000 liters of contaminated water WITHOUT iodine, chlorine, or other chemicals
  • Removes giardia, cryptosporidium, e-coli and salmonella


No matter what your activity the Life Straw is a life-saving device that everyone can benefit from.

It has been tested over and over and what comes out the filtered end is water. You can be drinking pond scum and you will have fresh water.

There have been cases where it’s been tested on bodily fluids and the end result is water.

How To Use

The LifeStraw looks like a tube and is equipped with special filters inside. You place the larger opening into the unfiltered water, hold it there for a minute to allow the water to soak the filter membrane and then suck. If you have ever drunk from a straw, this is the same idea.

If the filter gets clogged, all you have to do is to blow air through it and you will be able to use it again.

These make a great gift for anyone you know and you can now get them on Amazon.

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Here is a video on the workings of the LifeStraw.