It’s Time For Women To Stand Up And Pee!

stand up and peeUp until now, the human male has been the ones who could stand up and pee without creating a damp experience, but that has all changed with the invention of the P-Mate.

Most women when they are heading out even the day will have in mind a place that they can “go”. It might be the fast food place, the gas station or even a hotel. If you are going to a concert, festival or sporting event, there are usually porta potties that smell like they haven’t been cleaned out in years and there is no way one wants to sit on the seat.has

Moon Zijp, the creator of the P-Mate was inspired to invent it after traveling and seeing the unsanitary conditions that she was forced to use.



  • Disposable Urine Director for females
  • No more squatting over a public toilet or porta potty.
  • No more restricting liquids
  • Easy to use: just position, pee, and toss.
  • Easy to transport, folds to fit in a pocket!
  • Great for women with orthopedic problems.


When To Use

Women in the military are using it and feel more empowered than having to drop their drawers in front of their male associates.

Women backpacking, pregnant or with back or knee problems are finding it invaluable.

The P-Mate is approx 9″ in length and 2 to 3″ in width and is small enough to fold and fit into a pocket.

It has a thin coat of wax covering it to prevent it from going soggy. Still they are biodegradable. Think of a waxed milk carton only not as thick.

Basically, you use them and throw them out. If you don’t have a place to dispose of them, put them in a ziplock bag and back into your pocket, purse or backpack. People have said they have used it more than once in a day and they have stood up just fine.


How Do You Use It?

  • You unfold the cardboard container and pop it open
  • Undo your pants and lower them a little or pull up your skirt or dress
  • Move your panties to one side and fit the P-Mate into place with the large opening against your body
  • Make sure you have full contact with flow area on your body

Body Stance

The body stance is important as it will alleviate the problem with getting or feet wet or trousers.

  1. Straighten your knees
  2. Push your butt back
  3. Tilt your hips until the pointy end of the device is pointing slightly down
  4. Relax and let go.
  5. Once completed, pull out the P-Mate, rearrange your clothes and throw it in the garbage.


It is always advisable to try it out at home first to make sure that you know how to use it before you head out.

Here is the inspiration for the P-Mate…

You can order a 5 pack of P-Mate at Amazon and there are some great reviews for the product. They make a great gift for any female friend or family member.

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