How To Wash Your Clothes Without Electricity And Exercise At The Same Time

foot petal washing machineWhen we go to wash your clothes it’s usually by one of two methods. We either take our laundry to the laundry mat or put them into the washing machine located in our house.

Either way is relatively easy as you just add clothes, soap and walk away.

washing machine and dryer

But did you know, there are still people (mainly women) in the world that wash their clothes by hand? And when I say by hand, I mean getting a bucket, adding water and soap if you have it and scrubbing. They don’t even have a washing board like the one below.

wash board

Washing your clothes this way takes an amazing amount of time and effort.  Depending on the size of your family it could take up to 6 hours a day to actually wash your clothes and that’s 3-5 times a week. Can you imagine taking six hours out of your day to do a chore that we think nothing of?

There are health risks associated with it.

  • Tenosynovitis from wringing out the clothes. And just by wringing out the clothes, they can take days if not weeks to dry.
  • Asthma or respiratory problems from the clothes being moldy
  • Lumbar or lower back pain from squatting

This is a normal situation in some parts of Lima, Peru.


So two people took on the job to create a new way to do laundry for people who don’t have electricity.

Alex Cabunoc and Ji A You invented a combination washer and spin-dryer called the GiraDora. The GiraDora is a compact washing machine that works and agitates with a foot pedal.


They wanted something that would:

  1. increase efficiency
  2. improve health
  3. hamper mold growth
  4. be more ergonomic

As well as benefit the people that used it.

You can wash numerous items at the same time, instead of just one item of clothing. This also conserves water and allows people to actually start a laundry service to bring in more income.


The portable plastic tub can be filled with soap and water before a lid is placed on top, acting as a seat.  Then, all the user needs to do is rest on the washer, and pump the spring-loaded foot pedal. Source


Watch how the GiraDora makes a difference in people’s lives.