Bridal Buddy – The Brides Best Friend

The Best Bridal Invention In The Last Five Year Is The Bridal Buddy

Bridal BuddyIt’s called the bridal buddy as it means you don’t have to take your entourage (buddies) with you when you have that call of nature.

The inventor Heather Stenlake, work in a bridal shop and was asked by many brides “how do I go to the bathroom in this dress?”

Heather, being a bit of inventor herself, figured that there had to be a way that allowed women to use the facilities, without having to take your dress off or taking your bridesmaids with you to the toilet.

She put her mind to work and came up with the Bridal Buddy.

So… it’s your wedding day. Something you’ve looked forward to for years. Your excited, a little bit scared and anxious.

And all of a sudden, it hits you. You’ve got to go to the loo.

What to do??

How do you us the toilet without making a mess of your dress and without getting it soiled in some fashion?

The most likely suspects are to take a friend with you into the bathroom, but that would be peeing in front of your friends.

bathroom with friends

Not what the bridesmaids showed up for and certainly undignified for you.

There is always that trick of people sitting backward on the toilet, but there is a nack that goes along with that, so it’s something that definitely should be practiced ahead of time.

bridal buddy

The bridal buddy is easy to use and preserves your dignity. You put is on like an underskirt of slip and then put your dress over the top.

bridal buddy

Then pulling up and bringing forward your dress from the back, you gather it forward, reaching down to pull up the bridal buddy starting at the bottom.

Now I know this sounds like a lot of stuff to do, but give it a practice run before the big day and it will save your life.

bridal buddy

As you can see from the picture above you slowly gather up all your dress into the bridal buddy, working from the front to the back.

bridal buddy

Here you can see the dress inside the BB and you’re thinking, what do I do now.

Fear not… here is the next step!

bridal buddy

There are armholes or slits and they are blue on purpose for the say that goes, “something borrowed, something blue”.

And once you have your arms free, you just take the drawstring that is now at the top and tighten it.

bridal buddy

Now… this may no be the look that you were going for on your wedding day, but the functionality of it will make you forget your bathroom debut.

After going about your business, it is just as easy to take off.

bridal buddy

You just undo the drawstring and let it fall to the ground and all that is left to do is fluff up your dress and apply some new lipstick.

This invention is perfect for your wedding day, prom dress and formal functions.

I see that you can purchase it on Amazon and read the reviews.

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Check out this video below to see it all in action.

I like the cartoon version